Lady Gaga On The Farm: The Limitless Possibilities Of Polyvore


This week’s New Yorker is talking up Polyvore, the addictive DIY fashion-page site, as a venue for burgeoning fashionistas. We, on the other hand, put it to much more…sinister use.

For example: Why not use Polyvore to re-imagine our favorite realities?

Hollywood Train Wreck

Your Mother Thinks You’d Look So Lovely In This!

Aunt Kathy Goes To The Casino

Or, you know, we could just create a new reality altogether!

Lady Gaga Goes On The Farm, Green Acres-Style

Can you do better? Perhaps!
Construct your most thematically creative fashion visions, and post ’em in the comments!

Polyvore, A Fashion Web Site For The Masses [New Yorker]

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