Lady Gaga Runs Out of Ideas for Outfits, Announces Partnership with Dress Barn


There you have it…the best reader-submitted 2033 Jezebel headline! Contemplating the gem presiding over this little box of text is downright delightful—think abstract gingham. The equally amusing yet slightly depressing runners-up after the jump.

And your runners-up are:

Hillary Clinton Plans Run for 2034. Is America Ready for a Female President?

Earth Citizens Celebrate 15th Annual St. Jolie Day

Bot Artist Declares Human Artists Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Use Photoshop, Claims “Appropriation of the Digital to Serve the Biological”

Thanks to all who played. It was fun, no? 2033 headline contest brought to you by Svedka, the creators of the Fem Bot, made with Svedka, the No. 1 vodka of 2033, obviously.

PLAY RESPONSIBLY. © 2009 Spirits Marque One LLC, NY, NY.

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