Lady Gaga’s Gunning for Oscar Number 2 in House of Gucci Trailer

Lady Gaga! Adam Driver! Al Pacino! And Jared Leto in a terrible outfit!

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Lady Gaga’s Gunning for Oscar Number 2 in House of Gucci Trailer
Screenshot:MGM Pictures

Place the gabbagool next to the mozzarelle and make sure Vito has the pasta fazool, because the official trailer for House of Gucci is here, and boy oh boy, is Lady Gaga ready for her close-up and her second Oscar. Mamma mia!

Every behind-the-scenes photo that trickled out over the past year or so did not quite prepare me for this beautiful mess of a trailer, which appears to be for a movie that is taking itself quite seriously. House of Gucci is ostensibly about Gucci, fashion, and murder, but what I’ve also learned from this trailer is that it is also about every actor’s generous interpretation of an Italian accent. At times, Ms. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta sounds Russian?

Perhaps that does not matter! Jared Leto’s in this, and he sounds like he’s doing a Mario Brothers impersonation; Al Pacino is doing himself; and truthfully, everyone looks just happy to be there. Mr. Centaur for Burberry Homme is also here, and though I do not want to be rude to him as this role is definitely the thing that will get him an Oscar unless he’s terrible, but even with all the makeup, the grey hair, the glasses, and the ‘stumes, he reads as “corn-fed, milk-drinking man from the Plains” and will forevermore.

Petty quibbles aside, this Ridley Scott film is exactly what I want and need. If all goes according to plan, and the country has not shut down again for Winter Quarantine Part 2: Ha Ha Ha!, then I will gladly see this on the big screen baby. Viva Italia, etc! [YouTube]

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