Last Night's American Horror Story Was a Literal Blood Bath


RIP, Major Character #1 and Major Character #2!

We’re eight episodes into American Horror Story: Freak Show‘s 13-episode season and still don’t have a driving plot. That’s okay, though! They’re making up for the lack of story with lots and lots of death! (Spoilers to follow.)

Sad to say we lost two of American Horror Story‘s best recurring actresses last night. Kathy Bates and her Baltimore accent went out with a knife to the eye and—as if that wasn’t enough—she was then decapitated in an absurd staged suicide that all of the freaks were dumb enough to believe:

Next, Frances Conroy’s Gloria Mott was shot in the head by baby boy Dandy, the embodiment of white male privilege. Proving that blood is thicker than water, he then took a bath in her blood.

Where is this season going? Do we care about anyone other than Paul the Illustrated Seal? On a scale of 1-10, how terrible is Emma Roberts? I’m gonna say she’s a solid 11.

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