Last Night's Mindy Project Ended With a Major Surprise


A big thing happened on last night’s episode of The Mindy Project, as Mindy and Danny were torn between settling down in New York or San Francisco. Also, this is where we say goodbye to Peter/Adam Pally and I’m truly heartbroken.

It seems like the West Coast is a place that better fits Mindy’s personality. She’s a total Californian now, transformed by the work she’s doing under her Stanford fellowship. But while she’s in a new headspace, Danny is still the New York grouch averse to Cali’s sunshine and fakeness. When he visits Mindy, he says straight up, “I hate California. I mean, what’s with this Alcatraz?” A true New Yorker, he can’t even handle a little earthquake—he freaks out and cowers under a desk.

At some point, these two have to choose between the two cities, because Mindy’s professor Dr. Rob Gurgler asks her if she’s interested in heading up a fertility clinic in SF after her fellowship. Mindy’s goal is to sell Danny on SF, but she’s worried about Danny’s reaction and instead turns down Gurgler’s offer. Oblivious to Mindy’s hopes and dreams, Danny says things like, “Just because you feel like doing something doesn’t mean you can.” And he buys a rat-infested Harlem brownstone fixer-upper that could really use the Property Brothers’ loving touch.

Peter, meanwhile, decides to quit the practice and move to Texas with Lauren. We knew Adam Pally would be leaving us someday.

During his “Bon Voyage” party at Mindy’s apartment, Rob crashes to try to convince Mindy to come back to SF (because he prematurely quit his job). The party turns into a huge debate about which city is better. SF: Sunshine and earthquakes. New York: Bed bugs and blizzards.

Still, Mindy is fond of San Francisco. “It’s beautiful and it’s inspiring and it’s made me my best self. I’m a better leader. I’m kinder,” she says. Danny doesn’t get that she wants to leave for a better life and a business opportunity. Where’s cute, lovable Danny? He isn’t willing to bend, even after Peter tells him, “Home is where the person you love is.” This is the first time I’m not totally in love with Mindy and Danny’s dynamic. I wouldn’t be mad at them breaking up or separating for a while.

The major news mentioned in this headline: a baby! Mindy’s having a baby, which sets up a Mindy/Danny Jr. storyline or an abortion episode, which would be major for a primetime show.

This episode ends with a phone call between her and Peter. He delivers the news that her lab results are in and she’s pregnant. “It’s not mine… Is it?” he says. “Just kidding. It’s Danny’s? I hope.” Bye, Peter. Hope we meet-cute again 🙁

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