Lawyer Pleads Guilty In Baby-Selling Ring


An expert in reproductive law admitted she had broken it, pleading guilty Tuesday in California to defrauding couples seeking babies through surrogacy.

The scheme, according to the plea agreement, involved another specialist in reproductive law, in Maryland, and a woman in Las Vegas. They recruited women to be implanted with donor-created embryos in the Ukraine, and then halfway through the pregnancy claimed things had fallen apart and “shopped’ the babies to a new couple. That couple was usually charged about $100,000 in fees.

The Los Angeles Times draws our attention to the above video, in which Erickson cheerfully holds forth on infertility and the mind-body connection. She apparently wrote on Facebook, “Remember, any story can be spun and manipulated to make a story salacious. Yet know from the bottom of my heart that I have done the right things to protect some children from otherwise disastrous outcomes.” Being bought and sold before even being born doesn’t sound like a disaster at all!

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