‘Leaked Pages’ on the Entourage Movie Tumblr Is the Best Thing About the Entourage Movie


Perhaps you heard this week that Mark Wahlberg would be taking a big shit in a multiplex near you producing an Entourage movie, and exclaimed to the coffee-stained pages of your unfinished Odysssey-with-housecats screenplay, “BUT WHY?? I miss Party Down! Will this negatively affect the progress of the Party Down movie??”

It doesn’t seem like there’s been a great outpouring of affection for a big screen iteration of the brotastic HBO series, but then again, The Smurfs 2. Hollywood can will anything into existence, and then tamp it down moviegoers’ throats because for most of America, it’s either go to the movies or read, and reading is for nerds.

In the case of Entourage, however, America might have lucked out because if the leaked pages from this totally official Entourage Movie Tumblr are any indication, the big-screen Entourage will be way better than its small-screen predecessor. Ryan Gosling’s going to be in it. So will Jennifer Lawrence, and, spoiler alert, she will be MEGA HOT and have TONS OF WEED.

Via Entourage Movie:

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