Leonard Lopate Is Unfortunately at Large Again 


Bad news for radio listeners everywhere: Leonard Lopate, disgraced WNYC host accused of harassment, bullying, and general “inappropriateness,” will be back on New York radio with a show on WBAI called Leonard Lopate at Large.

Lopate and his colleague Jonathan Schwartz were fired after New York Public Radio conducted independent investigations into the allegations made against them. “These investigations found that each individual had violated our standards for providing an inclusive, appropriate, and respectful work environment,” a spokesperson from the radio wrote last December.

“I have done nothing wrong, and I am really sad that my reputation may be damaged, despite the fact that I have not done anything that I know of that could have led to this situation,” Lopate told WNYC News.

Lopate’s firing came in the aftermath of an investigation against another WNYC host, John Hockenberry, who was accused of sexual harassment, bullying, and specifically bullying his co-hosts who were women of color.

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