Let Joseph Gordon-Levitt Explain How All Media Is Basically Porn

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Ordinarily, one man’s efforts to promote his movie wouldn’t make for headline news, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt interview on NPR this morning was so frank and intelligent that it definitely bears mentioning. Don Jon, JGL’s debut film as a director, opened this weekend. The movie’s about how one porn-addicted, New Jersey bro breaks his reliance on moneyshot clips with the help of a wise, middle-aged woman’s magic vagina. It’s not just about porn, though, because, as JGL points out, basically all forms of media are pornographic in the sense that they’re tools for exhibitionism and rampant objectification.

When asked about his movie’s focus on porn, JGL told NPR,

Honestly I wouldn’t limit it to pornography. I pay a lot of attention to media in general. And I think I wanted to make pornography sort of central in the movie to compare the rest of our media to it. I think that there’s not a substantial difference between a lot of main-stream culture and pornography. They’re equally simplistic, reductionist.

He also said he used a real Carl’s Jr. ad in his movie because, well, Carl’s Jr. ads are super gross. [NPR]

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Image via AP, Charles Sykes

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