Let's See What Madonna's Up To

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Let's See What Madonna's Up To
Image:Michael Campanella (Getty Images)

I don’t spend much time thinking about Madonna anymore, though last week, I thought about her more often than I had in years, mostly because she was accused of photoshopping her head onto the body of one of her fans in 2015. That’s a claim that’s audacious enough for me to believe, especially because the evidence is pretty damning, I guess. It really does look like Madonna took her 2015-era head and plopped it atop the bod of someone, um, slightly younger. Embarrassing for Madonna, surely, but this also explains the following series of photographs:

In case there was ANY question at ALL about whose body and where and what, here we have it! This is Madonna, tiddies squished, captain’s hat (?) on, bored out of her brain like the rest of us have been for one full calendar year! The pandemic has been difficult on many celebrities, all of whom have adjusted to the rigors of living life with nothing to do that keeps them in the public eye, but this has been a reality for Madonna for a minute. I’m not saying that the pandemic has made her weirder, but I’m not not saying that either? I don’t know! Slow Monday! Madonna, and breasts. Fin. [Yahoo! News]

To reiterate, Chrissy Teigen is fine, if not thriving, after exiting Twitter.

Here she is, sitting on the lap of the least menacing Easter Bunny I’ve ever seen, who is actually her husband, John Legend. Easter bunnies are scary in general, so for this one not to be is impressive. Also here is a reminder that you have one week to purchase Cadbury Mini Eggs at full price, and then one week after the fact to get them at a steep discount at the Easter candy purveyor of your choice.

  • Jason Derulo and his lady friend, Jena Frumes, are having a baby. [Us Weekly]
  • Lady Gaga’s normie boyfriend sent her an enormous basket of flowers for her birthday. [Instagram]
  • Here’s Howie Mandel in an astronaut helmet, glad to hear and see that he’s doing well. [Just Jared]
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