Let's Talk Summer Looks

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Let's Talk Summer Looks
A 1970 evening outfit from the Tita Rossi fashion house of Rome Image:AP

While this summer is mostly likely going to be extremely weird and unpredictable, it feels nice to do some normal things, like root around through your closet and assemble some aggressively seasonal looks for when the temperature finally cracks 80. Let’s consider some inspiration from the archives, shall we?

Tits out for summertime is one direction you could go, inspired by this minidress of plastic discs by Paris couturier Paco Rabanne from 1969. Just remember your sunscreen because you do not want roasted nipples.


These outfits are billed as “Summer dresses and sun hats worn with platform shoes,” circa 1975, but I feel dangerously close to heat stroke just looking at them. Love that shade of pink and those silver platforms, though.


Now, that’s better. Pop some sunglasses on and you’re ready to go (well, as much as any of us is going anywhere, that is).


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