Lindsay Lohan Allegedly Assaulted Inside Her Manhattan Hotel Room [Update]


Strap in, ladies and gentlemen, because the latest entry in Lindsay Lohan’s saga is about to get really upsetting. According to police sources, Lindsay Lohan was assaulted inside her Manhattan hotel room early Sunday morning after getting into an argument with a man she brought back to her room after meeting him at 1 Oak in Chelsea. Initial reports are claiming that police have identifed the man as 25-year-old Christian LaBella of California, and that the argument took place over some illicit pictures LaBella allegedly snapped with his phone.

Lohan told detectives that she saw the pictures at around 4:30 am, confronted LaBella about them, and took his phone. She says LaBella then threw her on the bed “causing scratches on her hands. She left her room on the 15th floor of the W Hotel near Union Square, but then (and this isn’t quite clear yet) backtracked to the room. When LaBella spotted her, he attacked, allegedly choking her, throwing her to the ground, and climbing on top of her. A friend of Lohan’s pulled the fire alarm to scare LaBella off of her, and, though LaBella fled downstairs immediately, police had already arrived at the hotel and arrested him before he could leave. He was charged with assault and harassment. Meanwhile, Lohan refused medical treatment and did not go to a hospital.

Lindsay Lohan Assaulted Inside Manhattan Hotel: Police [5 NBC Chicago]

Update: According to TMZ, LaBella claims on his Facebook page that his aunt is Heather McDonald from Chelsea Lately. He also took a picture with Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner, which is extra information to knit your brow for maybe five seconds before you realize that it all probably bears very little relevance to the matter at hand. Still… LaBella is being held on two misdemeanor counts of assault and two charges of harassment.

Update, Redux: But of course — LaBella, according to Radar, is a staffer for Illinois Republican Congressman John Shimkus. No charges will be filed against LaBella, since, says a police spokesperson, “For a charge of harassment to be made the violation would have needed to be observed – and it wasn’t. There are no charges from this incident and the matter is closed.”

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