Looks Like Aidan the Furniture Man is Coming to Sex and the City: We're Doing It Again!

Looks Like Aidan the Furniture Man is Coming to Sex and the City: We're Doing It Again!
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Here is all the information we know about the forthcoming Sex and the City reboot that no one particularly needs but will take anyway because what else is going on: Kim Cattrall won’t be in it and neither will Mr. Big. However, another familiar face is joining the fray. It’s that man, above, who looks like he’s really enjoying semi-retirement. It’s not Jon Bon Jovi, though that person looks sort of like if JBJ and Bret Micheals made a baby. It’s Aidan. John Corbett. Aidan!!

I am still of the mind that this reboot needn’t occur, but with each passing month, I yearn for something that feels both familiar and unnecessary. That, I guess, is the HBO Max reboot of Sex and the City. Fine. I’ve acquiesced. But I’m not one hundred percent sure how great I feel about Aidan returning from where we left him (making out with Carrie in Abu Dhabi for like two minutes in the worst movie ever made) to do God knows what! This news was revealed exclusively in my second-favorite publication, Page Six. Here is some more information:

“I’m going to do the show,” he told us in a new interview, adding that the news is “very exciting” for him.
As for how many episodes he’ll appear in, Corbett said, “I think I might be in quite a few.”
“I like all those people, they’ve been very nice to me,” he added.

Sweet Aidan, father of Pete the dog, and furniture man. What an Aidan answer. I should feel charmed by this response, as it is very much a response that is in line with his character, and I guess that’s why I’m annoyed! Though it is controversial, I am a Big gal, only because a relationship with Big seems like it would be close to a kept woman situation, whereas Aidan needs more things. However, setting my personal feelings aside, since no one asked for them, I am forced to look at the Sex and the City canon, to see how and why Aidan could possibly fit back into this mess.

When we left Carrie and Aidan in beautiful Abu Dhabi, they made out in the middle of a cinematically-lit walkway at the hotel that the ladies had scammed their way into, and then broke off the make-out before it could turn to sex. This was one of the only intelligent decisions made in this movie, done because both parties are married; also thinking about the improbability of Aidan just happening to be in the same souk that Carrie and her friends were in makes my head spin. I know it’s a movie. I know it’s a fantasy. Maybe the existence of the second movie makes me feel bad. Anyway, if the second movie is canon, then Carrie returned to Big and her life on the Upper East Side, having successfully banished all thoughts of Aidan from her mind and ideally, her loins.

That should be the end of it, but here goes Mr. Corbett back up in it! To what end? If Michael Patrick King is smart (he is), the second movie was a fever dream and not a part of the entire enchilada that is Carrie Bradshaw’s Epcot version of New York City. That means that there’s plenty of room for Aidan to slide up in there to fulfill the fan’s desires for Carrie to end up with the himbo instead of the dick.

But, if Aidan’s going to come back from the figurative dead to make Carrie a bookshelf and sweep her off her feet, I hope that they leave the glittering city and head back to Suffern, that tiny little town in Rockland County where Carrie dressed like Ellie May Clampett and screamed every time the screen door slammed. Aidan’s not a city man; he’s a big rugged outside boy who loves trees and nature and sourcing sumptuous textiles. If the fans want to see Carrie end up with the good one instead of the bad, she must give up her roots so that Aidan can return to his. Though Rockland County, 30 miles north of New York City, is not the Alaskan wilderness, it is spiritually similar. Sources have informed me that Northern Exposure is Corbett’s finest work. Let’s have him reprise that shit upstate instead of trapping that big-bodied man in a classic six on Central Park.

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