Loved Little Women? Here Are Other Films That Feature Women

Loved Little Women? Here Are Other Films That Feature Women
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Did you love Little Women but haven’t seen many other films about women? Here are some suggestions to help you dive into a whole new cinematic world—one that has women!

1) Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

If you loved all the sisterhood of Little Women and would like to see more cinema featuring women who share one or more parents, start with this classic. In this film, two former celebrity sisters must grapple with complicated family dynamics when one attempts to stage a comeback.

2) Showgirls

If Little Women was your first introduction to the concept of women writers and painters, you’ll probably be delighted with this film, which offers an interesting portrait of women as dancers. The story centers on Nomi, a talented young dancer with a lot to prove, and the complicated bond she shares with her mentor, Cristal.

3) Little Women

What if Little Women wasn’t cinema, but television and longer? This adaptation dares ask and answer the question.

4) Little Women

Did you love Laura Dern and Meryl Streep in the most recent Little Women but find yourself wondering, “Where is Susan Sarandon?” She’s here!

5) Little Women

In addition to being a 2019 polemic about the myriad ways in which society pigeonholes women into traditional gender roles, in 1868 Little Women was once a novel that advocated for those exact gender roles. An early draft of the film, made 81 years later, contains no feminism, which oddly, does not make it shorter.

6) Little Women

What if Katherine Hepburn wore dresses and cared about men’s feelings? She’d be Jo March in the earliest iteration of the tale.

7) Fatal Attraction

At least 20 percent of all Little Women adaptations tell us that women have minds and souls, as well as just hearts, an unfortunate circumstance that—according to film clips played during the Best Actress category at the Oscars—sometimes makes cinematic women incredibly lonely. For budding gynocinephiles who would like to explore other canonical films spotlighting women’s struggles against erasure, try Fatal Attraction. Much like Jo March, when busy career woman Alex Forrest becomes romantically interested in a colleague, she begins to wonder if women really can have it all.

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