Lucky Loves Ali Larter, But Not Her Thighs


Ali Larter is the August 2010 cover girl for Lucky magazine. She was also on the May 2008 cover. And the March 2007. Why? Does she have anything new to say? And what did they do to her legs?

WWD calls Ali Larter “old reliable,” and a search shows that her March 2007 cover sold 278,000 copies, the best in that half of the year. The only issue which sold better was the September issue , usually the biggest of the year. Larter’s May 2008 issue sold 225,000 copies. Respectable, but not great.

So what is Larter’s appeal? Thanks to Varsity Blues, Obsessed, Heroes and the Resident Evil flicks, she’s recognizable — but not overexposed. You may not love her, but you don’t hate her, either. She may not offer the “wow” factor of an A-lister, but her style seems easy and relatable. Some stars have so much bullshit going on in their personal lives you don’t give a crap what kind of lipgloss they like. But not knowing (or caring) much about Ali Larter’s life makes her the perfect chick to suggest a great “never-fail” outfit. (Also, she’s thin and blonde. Lucky loves that.)

The problem: In the August 2010 issue, Lucky declares that Larter “gravitates toward more effortless dressing these days.” She tells the mag: “I always feel sexiest in a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt.” Uh, yeah. We know. in March 2007, Ali told Lucky: “My easiest, never-fail outfit is a plain white tank, old Levi’s, and a pair of chic thong sandals.” New issue, same old shit.

Oh! Here’s what’s new: Her digitally altered thighs. She’s so lucky!

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Another leg-check, with a more recent unretouched photo.

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