Man and Woman Posing for Selfie Plunge Off a Cliff to Their Deaths


Well, this is unspeakably sad: A Polish couple fell to their deaths while exploring the cliffs at Cabo da Roca, in Portugal, and their children saw it happen. They may have been snapping a selfie and slipped.

That’s according to the Telegraph. The authorities are currently investigating the incident—they had apparently climbed over a safety barrier. Due to bad weather, it took more than a day to recover their bodies. Some outlets are suggesting they were trying to take a selfie; others say the kids, five and six, were taking the photo.

Guys, I know I sound like the boring buzzkill mom chaperoning the class trip to Washington, D.C., but warning signs exist for a reason. Please obey them. Do not cross them for a superior photo op.

Photo via pinggr/Shutterstock.

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