Man Invites Virtual Girlfriend to His Real Wedding


My dream wedding check list: Delicious cake? Check. HELLA BOOZE? Check. Guests? Sure. My future husband’s virtual girlfriend? Hold the phone.

At a recent wedding in Japan, there was a slight disagreement between the Mr. & Mrs. about one person on the guest list. No, it wasn’t someone’s horrible always-drunk always-skeeving uncle — it was NeNe Anegasaki, better known as the groom’s virtual girlfriend from the Nintendo DS dating game Love Plus. As you might imagine if you have an imagination, there was a disagreement but the dude obviously won because NeNe Anegasaki had her own place setting at the wedding. Please note: If I’d been sitting next to her, I totally would’ve eaten all her food and drank all her booze and been all, “WHAT BITCH?”

The bride finally had enough and when the wedding ceremony concluded, she explained to her groom in no uncertain terms that this was not a plural partnership. Not sure why this all went down at the actual wedding and not, say, the second he proposed creating a place setting for a non-existent person, but better late than never?

Best part, after the talk in which he agreed to leave the most important woman in his life for his new bride, the duo used a wooden mallet to smash the DS. Kinda like when you break a glass under the chupah? I guess? Mazel Tov!

Man Invites Virtual Girlfriend to Wedding, Which Goes Over Poorly With Real-Life Bride [Geek O System]

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