Man Is Suing After Being Punched By a Stripper He Called a 'Bad Mother'


An unnamed stripper from Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in Manhattan punched a club patron in the face and knocked out one of his front teeth after he called her a bad mother, according to a lawsuit first publicized by the New York Post.

The alleged incident happened in 2015, but we’re only learning about it now because the man, one David Kupferstein, is suing the strip club for almost $1 million in damages, claiming he has “years of expensive dental work ahead.”

Here, via the New York Post, is his side of the story:

“She kept on talking to me,” he recalled. “She kept on having drinks with us. Some of my friends were throwing money at her. She told me all about herself and her family and her children . . . and how they were f–king up with the police. I said, ‘It sounds like you are a bad mother.’”

That’s when the woman punched him as he was taking a sip from his drink, knocking his glass into his teeth. The tooth was eventually found on the floor of the strip club and returned to him, but I guess it couldn’t be saved and he was sadly forced to wear a fake tooth for a while.

David lost a tooth, but seems to have (kind of?) learned an important lesson. As the “freelance” chef grudgingly told the Post, “I guess it is sort of insulting to tell a woman she is a bad mother.” He still wants that mil, though.

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