Man Says Sorry for Videotaping Underage Girls Through a Mop Bucket


If there was an award for “skeeviest way to take creepshots of underaged girls” (the ceremony would be held at The Quad in Las Vegas), Julio Cesar Olayo, a 38-year-old from Tarrant, Alabama would definitely be in the running. This cunning charmer scored pics of showering teen girls by attaching his cell to a mop bucket.

Olayo, who has already said “sorry” and “I will fix it” after being caught redhanded by his victims, is going to have to do a bit more to make things right. Scratch that, there’s absolutely nothing he’s going to be able to do to make this right, but saying “I’ll fix it” isn’t an even a start. That is something I learned in preschool and something Olayo should have thought of before employing an innocent bucket full of mops to violate women. Or maybe he should have stopped for a moment to think about what choices in his life had led him to even think about taking photos of 14-year-olds in the nude. reports that Olayo has been the subject of a criminal investigation regarding these photos since earlier this year, and new evidence has just been added to the case against him. Although the site doesn’t report exactly how his phone in a bucket contraption worked — probably to ward off others from trying to do the same — it’s reported that his victims found out about Olayo’s crimes by finding phtos of themselves on his phone.

According to court records, one of the victims discovered the hidden cell phone when she was taking a shower and “felt like someone was watching her.” She began to look around and discovered a recording cell phone in a bucket, with a mop in the bucket to hide the phone.
Another victim reported finding another cell phone hanging out of coat pocket in the bathroom. The victims, the youngest at 14, looked through the phone and found a handful of additional videos of the girls in various stages of undress.

Creepy as fuck. What the hell kind of person even does that? Wait, don’t answer. There’s likely going to be a long list, like the guy who videotaped women at a Papa Murphy’s, or the guy who taped women in the bathroom and then put it on the internet, or a spurned ex who tried to blame the entire thing on dirty chickens. The list goes on and it is awful.

Olayo tried to escape prosecution by moving to Tennessee when police first became interested in him, but is currently being held on a $210,000 bond in Jefferson County. He was expected to appear in court earlier today and, according to “is charged with two counts of producing pornography with a minor and three counts of criminal surveillance.”

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