March 25 Week In Review


Remembering Elizabeth Taylor

From child stardom and being celebrated as the most beautiful woman in the world to collecting Oscars, enormous jewels, and seven husbands in eight marriages – she rarely apologized, and kept on surviving. More »

Dov Charney Sued For Sexual Harassment. Again.

The sketchball CEO of American Apparel has had quite the month: Mere weeks after former employee Irene Morales came forward with a lawsuit (that was quickly and conveniently dismissed), four more women have filed suit. Oh, and then there’s the creepy gag order that models are forced to sign. More »

10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap, Donald Trump and Victoria Jackson let their wing-nut freak flags fly, Pauly D is hired to promote a product he admittedly hates, and Dionne Warwick does her best to make “hussy” happen.” More »

Madonna’s Malawi Charity Collapses In Financial Scandal

For years, Madonna has been raising millions to start a school in Malawi, and she even participated in a groundbreaking ceremony. But those plans have fallen through, spectacularly so. More »

Why The Film Sucker Punch Really, Truly Sucks

Sucker Punch is set in Vermont in the ’60s, and the plot revolves around Babydoll (Emily Browning), a 20-year-old woman who is locked away in a mental institution by her creepy stepfather. As terrible events unfold inside the facility, Babydoll learns to close her eyes and escape into another world. In that world, she is locked in a whorehouse, not a looney bin. Isn’t that what every young woman dreams of? More »

The Week In Tabloids: Suri Cruise To Launch Production Company Any Day Now

We “read” Star, In Touch, Ok!, Us and Life & Style so you don’t “have” to. This week: The Bachelor’s Emily and Brad are dunzo; Bradley Cooper and Renée Zellweger broke up over her love of sweatpants; Fergie has a new face; and Suri Cruise is taking midnight meetings and paging through Vanity Fair for her super secret start-up project. More »

Period Dolls And Other Educational Toys We’d Like To See

According to the makers of the extremely unsettling Breast Milk Baby doll, “little girls need to learn to breastfeed.” This questionable maxim got us thinking about what other bodily processes you’re never too young to learn about, and how they could be illustrated with dolls. More »

The Many Ways To Say “Hillary Stole Obama’s Balls”

The suggestion that the president may have heeded several liberal interventionists in his own administration – including Hillary Clinton, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, and National Security staffer Samantha Power – has inflamed a boys-against-girls war. Just ask Andrea Mitchell. More »

Warning: Cunnilingus Can Kill

When it comes to sex advice for pregnant women, there is one cautionary tidbit that repeatedly pops up: A warning to women that they could die if their partners blow air into their vaginas. More »

Chris Brown Throws Tantrum, Breaks Window At Good Morning America Studio

Chris Brown “exploded in a rage” behind the scenes at Good Morning America today, going so far as to throw a chair through a window (allegedly!). But he’s totally sorry if you were offended by his apeshit behavior. More »

Alas, Michele Bachman Is Probably Running For President

What the world really needs right now is a presidential candidacy from Michele Bachmann, who has been making major moves in that direction. You may recall Bachmann as presidential material from this crazy-eyes “response” to the State Of The Union. More »

iPad App Makes Sexy Sex Noises

Not only does it moan, it grunts, swears and curses (although the curses have been bleeped out by the Cosmo powers that be). More »

A Global Television Event We Can Get Behind

When Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles in 1981 – thirty years ago – 750 million people watched the event on TV. The royal wedding happening next month will be so much bigger. More »

The Art Of Pitch-Perfect Emails

Ever spend an hour staring at your screen, struggling to compose an email that strikes just the right balance between polite and friendly, only to give up and go browse on Zappos? Us too! But with the tips below, none of us will have to wander the wasteland of email uncertainty any longer. More »

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