Marilyn Manson Has Been Dropped From His Record Label

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Marilyn Manson Has Been Dropped From His Record Label
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Marilyn Manson has been dropped from his record label and AMC following allegations of sexual assault and abuse from Evan Rachel Wood and four other women that came out on Monday.

The label, Loma Vista Recordings, said that it wouldn’t be promoting any of Manson’s existing work, nor would it work with Manson on any future albums.

“In light of today’s disturbing allegations by Evan Rachel Wood and other women naming Marilyn Manson as their abuser, Loma Vista will cease to further promote his current album, effective immediately,” the label told the Hollywood Reporter. “Due to these concerning developments, we have also decided not to work with Marilyn Manson on any future projects.”

Manson had also filmed a vignette for AMC’s horror anthology, Creepshow, that the network will no longer air due to the allegations.

California state Senator Susan Rubio is trying to ensure that Manson faces more than professional consequences for the accusations of abuse against him: In January, Rubio sent a letter to Acting Attorney General Monty Wilkinson and FBI director Christopher Wray, requesting a federal investigation into the allegations.

“Since some of the alleged cases against Mr. Warner are from California, I am especially alarmed,” she wrote. “Individuals who engage in this kind of abuse are often serial offenders. If these allegations are true, and no investigation is undertaken, we will be failing the victims and allowing a possible perpetrator to continue abusing unsuspecting victims. That must not be allowed to happen.”

Manson hasn’t yet responded to any of the new allegations, but as Ashley Reese wrote for Jezebel this morning, he’s straightforwardly admitted to abusive behavior in the past, on the record. Make of that what you will.

Chloe Bailey broke into tears on an Instagram live Sunday night when she addressed the criticism she’s received lately for being herself online.

Bailey, the 22-year-old singer who makes up half of Chloe x Halle, said people have been responding negatively to videos of her showing off her body—like in her #BussitChallenge video—which upset Bailey because she’d only just overcome the feelings of insecurity and self-doubt she used to associate with her body.

“With my song writing and my producing, I feel so badass,” she said. “And I get the same feeling when I dance in my room, when I just own who I am and my body. And for so long, I used to think I was like fat, and I used to hate my stretch marks and my cellulite. I’m not gonna cry. But it’s like now, I really love who I am.”

Bailey said she doesn’t post the videos for male attention, or “validation from anybody,” but rather to feel more comfortable and self-confident. “There’s been so many times when I felt I wasn’t pretty enough, where I have a lot of issues with my weight, so it’s a pivotal time for me,” she continued. “I’m just now learning at like 22, almost 23, that it’s okay to be all that you are and to stand in that power.”

The scrutiny on Bailey seems to be the garden variety of misogyny and slut-shaming, coupled with people’s inability to wrap their heads around the fact that Bailey is no longer a child star—she’s a 22-year-old woman. Get over it!

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