Martha Stewart's Daughter Reveals Weird New Problem Of Surrogate Jealousy


Martha Stewart’s daughter Alexis told the ladies of The View today that she used multiple surrogates in her efforts to have a baby. And apparently, the surrogates got jealous.

At least, one did. Stewart says one of her surrogates refused to speak to her after finding out that another one was about to give birth, meaning she wouldn’t be “the first.” This is a flavor of drama we didn’t even know existed. Granted, it’s probably not that common — not many people have the means to pay several surrogates at once. Still, the increasing complexity of assisted reproduction does seem to be creating some new and bizarre situations. How do two people, one of whom is carrying the other’s eggs in her uterus, resolve a jealousy issue? Is this going to come up in advice columns of the future, alongside, say, that girl whose cousin is getting married the same day as her?

Sadly, Stewart and the surrogate seemingly didn’t get to resolve their dispute, as the surrogate ended up miscarrying. But Stewart did have a baby in March via another carrier. Baby Jude was born healthy, which, ultimately, is what really matters.

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