Matt Damon Loves His Wife, But Kind Of Hates The Whole Marriage Thing


A commenter tipped us off to a slightly wacky Matt Damon quote from a recent Hollywood Reporter interview wherein Damon simultaneously notes that he loves his wife and seems to imply that marriage itself is kind of terrible:

THR: Has marriage changed you?
Damon: Yeah, I think so. Somebody said to me recently, “Wow, you really love marriage,” and I said, “No, I think marriage is ridiculous; I think it’s a totally ridiculous idea.” I love being married to my wife — she’s the best thing that ever happened to me, but if she ever left me, I wouldn’t do it again. Because it’s crazy — to spend your life with one person and not be totally driven crazy.

Well! That won’t be awkward for his wife to read at all, I’m sure.

American Cinematheque: Matt Damon [Hollywood Reporter]

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