Meet the Man Who Loves the Feel of Bugs on His Dick


As of now, we don’t know very much about Christopher, one of the many guests who’ll appear on the new Showtime series Sex with Sunny Megatron. Here’s what we do know: He’s a formicophile. That means he loves to have bugs crawl over him, slithering on and around his nipples and genitals.

While I don’t get Christopher’s fetish because bugs actively scare me and rank high on my list of “do not wants” right behind to death by exfoliation and ghosts, he describes it as being something that’s very sensual. He’s a sensation type of guy and according to him “insects just add to it.” Probably insects that can’t fly, though. I can’t imagine forcing them to stay down.

BuzzFeed reports that Christopher’s sexual proclivities aren’t just strange to the layperson, they’re also a first for Sunny Megatron, the host of the series and someone who’s committed to bringing sex acts you’ve never heard of to your living room.

“Filming this segment was the first time I had witnessed it first-hand, and it was quite an experience,” she said.
“I’m not a fan of insects in any capacity. However, I do very much enjoy watching people derive pleasure from whatever they are into. That made it really cool to see.”

Megatron, who I am saddened to learn is not a robot in disguise (how fucking cool would that be?), says that most fetishes (even ones including slithering insects) aren’t very strange. In fact, they’re pretty understandable:

For many people it’s the sensation that’s the draw. Insects that tickle, stroke, or slither can feel very pleasurable on erogenous zones. Those that are into pain often find bugs that bite and sting to be more of a turn on.
For instance, people into insects are aroused by sensation. People who like to stroke feathers across their skin are aroused by sensation too. Looking at it that way helps put things in perspective.

I guess that helps, but I still can’t help but feel the bugs all over me every time I see Christopher’s picture (are you feeling them too, friend?) and I am currently just swinging my left arm about trying to get rid of them. Thanks, Showtime! Thanks a lot!

Image via Showtime

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