Meet the Very First Babies of 2013! (Maybe! In Their Specific Time Zone!)


Her name is Olivia Rose Espinal and she lives in Queens and she just might be the very first baby born this year! Hooray for babies! Way to come out at this real specific time, baby! You did it!!!

The family of a baby born just after seconds after midnight in Queens on New Year’s Day had declared her the first New York City baby of the year — although two other babies claim to hold the title.
Olivia Rose Espinal, called “The Queen of 2013” by her parents, lay quietly bundled in her mother’s arms at NY Hospital in Queens on Tuesday.
“Definitely a way to make a grand entrance!,” her mother, Rose Espinal, said of her 7 pound, 5 ounce bundle of joy, dressed in a fancy gold bow given to her by nurses.

There are a couple of other babies in the running for First Baby, but it’s difficult to determine for sure which one really came out closest to midnight. There’s only one way to find out, I guess! BABY RACE!!!

First Babies of 2013 Born in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan [NBC]

Photo credit: nyul / Stockfresh.

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