Men Increasingly Aware Of Their Ball-Stink


More men are turning to personal grooming products to deal with a rarely-discussed problem concerning their netherregions. But don’t worry: Because they’re dudes — and not delicate ladies — there are products that actually call the stink what it is.

The New York Times informs us that many men have an issue with sweaty balls, and not the kind that put you in the yuletide spirit. (Incidentally, there’s disgusting talk of Ben & Jerry’s rolling out an ice cream flavor called “Schweddy Balls.”) Some men deal with this by applying a dusting of baby powder, but several products tailored to this issue have debuted in recent years.

Treatments for corresponding problems in women are usually branded with a vague name like “Summer’s Eve” and feature a bland description like “feminine cleansing wipes.” However, since there’s less shame surrounding men’s junk, most of these powdery products are being marketed with winking references to how they’ll be used. Some have euphemistic titles like Bálla Powder or Dry Goods. An aerosol spray notes it can be used “upside down for those hard to reach places,” and another powder indicates it “works great south-of-the-border.” The ad above for So Fresh, So Dry even pokes fun at how ads for feminine hygiene products use terms like “not-so-fresh-feeling.”

“Guys have a great sense of humor about this stuff, and they appreciate us saying, ‘We know where you’re going to use it, and it’s great for that area,'” says Patricia Finn, vice president for marketing at Jack Black, which manufactures Dry Down Friction Free Powder. Marketers don’t seem to think women see the humor in products intended for the lady bits, with the exception of a few novelty brands. Kotex proved we can laugh at commercials for tampons, but references to bleeding, dryness, dampness, or any other natural vulval state should be avoided. Though we’re still a bit confused about the physics of “batwings,” we’re thrilled more men are finding humorous ways to deal with this, as it sounds gross and uncomfortable. Perhaps some day we’ll share a chuckle over a hilarious euphemism for vaginal dryness cream (but we doubt it).

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