Merritt Wever on TV: 'I Don't Always See A Lot of People Like Me'


After Merritt Wever’s transcendent acceptance speech at last Sunday’s Emmys, it seemed impossible to think even more highly of her. Wrong!

Since her speech was really more of a not-so-stealthy party exit, Vulture asked if there were more people she wanted to thank:

There are so many people I want to thank, and that might have been why my brain crashed. Edie [Falco] is the first person to come to mind, and probably the strongest. The people who created the show to begin with. I kind of just feel really lucky that I landed on, not just any gig, but a gig this good with people who are this nice and this talented. I hadn’t worked in a year when I got this job. Sometimes I wonder what would have become of me if I hadn’t gotten this. It’s been really, really great, you know? I watch television, I know what the TV landscape looks like, and I know that I don’t always see a lot of people like me, so I’m very grateful in many more ways than just one for this job.

“People like me” = body type, right?

Yeah, in part, sure. And you’re right, the landscape’s changing, but it ain’t changing all that quickly!

How awesome would it be if the average size of people on television were the same as the average size of people you see walking around every day — If TV reflected the world we live in, with its many types of diversities. Damn, that would be great. Can you even imagine? Well, Merritt Wever being on TV is definitely a step in the right direction. More, please.

Speaking of more, she got to speak a little about what’s happening over at The New Girl with her character Elizabeth and lovable douchenozzle Schmidt: “Schmidt can keep up the shenanigans for a while.” Uh, choosing between Elizabeth and CeCe seems fairly impossible as they’re both pretty wonderful, so we’ll just have to wait and see where the Schmidtnanigans (eh? OK, sorry) go.


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