Mexico Universally Sick of Donald Trump's Shit


Donald Trump continues to be afflicted with a peculiar ailment, wherein rivers of diarrhea run directly from his brain, out of his mouth, and into his typing fingers, sending tweet after tweet about “illegal immigrants” from Mexico and how awful they are. In response, the Mexican people, once determined to politely ignore Trump for eternity, are pretty fucking over it.

The Guardian reports that outrage over Trump’s remarks that Mexican immigrants are “rapists” and criminals” has been widespread in Mexico. El Universal, one of the major daily papers based in Mexico City, ran a profile this weekend trying to explain just who Donald Trump is and why Americans listen to him when he talks, and speculating that maybe all this was a strategy to help him in his very realistic bid to be president:

However, the role of villain Trump has a particular effect in the polls. This is a character with remarkable degree of unpopularity, but his name is recognizable, which is also considered a political asset. Is there anyone who ignores Donald Trump?

Meanwhile, as the Guardian notes, ordinary Mexicans have responded by making fun of Trump’s hair and face and making piñatas of him:

Mexican expressions of disgust over Trump’s bigotry have frequently been laced with pot shots at his appearance. Former actress Carmen Salinas, recently elected as a federal deputy, released a YouTube video urging the business mogul and reality TV star to recognise that he had “the face of a dried-up louse”.
Piñata maker Dalton Ramirez said a new model – with a shock of blond hair and a big mouth – was proving particularly popular.
Bitter humour is, some say, the only recourse they have. Mauro Tlatengo recalled the 10 years he spent picking grapes, tending golf courses and working construction in California, Pennsylvania and New York, before returning to Mexico voluntarily because he missed his country. Trump’s comments made him angry but mostly, he said, they made him feel powerless.
“He is a crazy idiot who we can’t do anything about,” Tlatengo said. “But we can laugh at him.”

Why didn’t we think of piñatas before? Meanwhile, Trump continued his reign of idiocy into the weekend, despite getting a shout-out from one America Ferrera, who thanked him for getting voters to the polls.

It’s not a bad strategy, in that there’s almost no one left to fire or cut ties with him. Except of course the American people, and we’ll have to wait till 2016 for that.

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