Mia Love Accidentally Confirms How Truly Awesomely Awful the GOP Approach to Women’s Healthcare Is


Mia Love, the mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah, as well as Republican nominee for the House of Representatives for Utah’s fourth district, says things, and sometimes those things don’t make what less abstract thinkers within the GOP would call “sense.” It’s okay, though — Love is considered a rising star within the Grand Old Party and, as such, she gets softball interviews on Fox News to complement her speaking slot at the Republican National Convention. Speaking Sunday on Fox, Love offered the following defense of her party’s strenuous attempts to prevent women from having access to birth control: the GOP plan actually offers “more free choice and more liberties.”

Oh, well! I guess we can all, like, go home and forget about the healthcare debate, in that case. Love further proved what an asset she’d be to the future of the Republican Party by adding the little fib that GOP policies would allow her to “keep a little bit of my own money so I can pay for my own contraceptives if I want to.” That, according to Think Progress’ Ian Millhiser, isn’t strictly true, unless Love has a secret bunker containing the Knights Templar treasures.

GOP House Candidate Claims GOP War On Women Will Create ‘More Free Choice’ For Women [Think Progress]

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