Michelle Obama Dances To Justin Bieber • Couple Faces Month In Prison For PDA


• There were some magical moments during the White House’s Easter celebration, but none so much as the moment when the First Lady was caught getting down during a live performance from young Mr. Bieber.

Mrs. Obama can first be seen groving at about 2:35 in this video. Yes, she can. [Popeater] • Child experts in Australia have written a letter to the government asking them to crack down on the sale and display of “lad mags” on the grounds that they are exposing children to “harmful material.” However, advocates for the magazines argue that the current restrictions – which prohibit the sale of pornographic material to those under 18 – are good enough, they just need to be more vigilantly enforced. • Spanish researchers found that out of 1,100 first time expectant mothers, 39% reported some urinary incontinence. They also found that women who suffer from incontinence during pregnancy are more likely to see symptoms persist after giving birth. Fortunately, there is hope, and it comes in the form of the all-powerful Kegel. • Several years ago, Elaine Joyce sued the town of Dennis, Massachusetts for discrimination after she was barred from participating in a men’s golf tournament. Last week, a federal court ruled that the golf club had been in the wrong and that Joyce is entitled to damages and legal fees. Joyce has asked for $500,000, a figure that many in the town have balked at. To make matters even more confusing, they changed the rules before Joyce filed suit (after she complained), but she has yet to play in a single men’s tournament. • The next time someone tells you “women aren’t funny,” whip out this article, about the top 10 female comedians. It’s from the Guardian, so it might skew a little dry, but there is nothing better than a truly funny lady. • The New York Times is calling 15-year-old Alexis Thompson the “next big thing” in golf. Thompson has yet to go pro, but her family says she will probably make the move this summer after the Curtis Cup. As a minor, she will have to petition the L.P.G.A. for membership, or rely on sponsorship exemptions to get her access to events. • Are you pumped up about baseball season yet? This sweet article, written by a father about enjoying the games with his two little girls, will make even the least athletic among you want to celebrate the great American pastime. • Unsurprisingly, losing a pregnancy can cause lasting damage within a relationship. Couples that experience a miscarriage have a 22% higher chance of breaking up, and rates are much higher for women who deliver stillborn babies. • According to a cost-analysis by the American Academy of Pediatrics, if 90% of American women began breastfeeding, they would save the lives of nearly 900 babies along with billions of dollars. However, they caution that these figures are just an estimate. • A UK study of 84 women found that light exercise during pregnancy can result in “slimmer babies.” Experts believe that the conditions of the womb may help determine the speed of a child’s metabolism. • Sex workers in Bangladeshi brothels are often encouraged to take steroids to make them gain weight and appear older, the Guardian reports. The drugs, which make the women “fairer,” are frequently administered to underage girls in order to mask their youth. Once hooked, the women suffer serious side effects if they are ever to go off the steroids. • Apparently, marrying a woman who is smart and successful is a “new trend.” Men are suddenly clamoring for “Alpha Wives,” or the “New Trophy Wife.” Needless to say, we can bullshit. • The UK couple caught kissing in a Dubai airport will be sentenced to one month in prison. An appeals court held up the previous conviction, which also called for a fine of $270. The couple will be deported after serving their time.

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