Michelle Obama Did the Purple Unity Thing Right

Michelle Obama Did the Purple Unity Thing Right
Image:Jonathan Ernst-Pool (Getty Images)

All the big political celebrities who attended Joe Biden’s inauguration wore purple, in what I think is a symbolic gesture towards “unity”—the red of the Republican Party plus the blue of the Democrats equals purple, a color that is difficult to wear well! Unsurprisingly, Michelle Obama interpreted this brief in the absolute best way possible.

The outfit, I am told, is by Sergio Hudson, a Black South Carolinian designer, and it is purple in the sense that it is “maroon,” which is close enough! I don’t really know Sergio Hudson, but what I do know is that Michelle continues to know her angles and what does and does not look good on her, as evidenced by this goddamn pantsuit, which is to DIE.

Image:Rob Carr (Getty Images)

The thing about Michelle’s pant choices is that to my untrained eye, they always seem just a little long for the shoe; that is what’s happening here, but she’s making it work as she often does! Some pundit on some cable news channel said that Michelle’s mask doesn’t even look like an afterthought, that it is as much of a part of her outfit as the belt, the gloves, and the absolutely incredible hair. Today really is a historical day, because I agree! The mask maches the gloves, and unlike some people in the crowd, it is staying on her face. Yes, it is just a black surgical mask, of the sort that we are supposed to be wearing now, but on Michelle’s face, it looks like part of the outfit! Coordinating the mask to the outfit would’ve been too much, no offense to Dr. Jill Biden, who did just that. Michelle Obama looks wonderful. Time off is good for everyone, it seems.

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