Michelle Obama Frequently Sneaks Out Of White House For Secret Peasant-Style Shopping Trips


First Lady and steel biceps possessor Michelle Obama deals with unimaginable scrutiny every day of her life, and to escape the pressures of the White House, she frequently ducks out and goes shopping, often undetected by the general public. Is our President’s wife a ninja?

In an interview with The Today Show, the First Lady revealed that she often leaves the shiny white walls of the First Family’s home to run errands in disguise, and is rarely recognized by the commonfolk. (As my little sister would have said in 1993, when she was four years old — “Just like Princess Jasmine!”)

She told Al Roker, when speaking of the excursions,

“I do that more frequently than people realize. And it’s amazing how people don’t recognize you. They don’t expect to see me at Starbucks or at Chipotle, and I actually took Bo to PetCo, and the cashier asked me, ‘Oh! What kind of dog is that?'”

The cashier realized who she was when Mrs. Obama presented him with her credit card. She then made him swear to secrecy or threatened him with the wrath of 1,000 of the king’s finest knights.

MObama’s yearning for a semblance of normalcy raised some eyebrows last month after she went on an unsuccessfully incognito trip to a Virginia Target store. I guess the people who judged her for that must feel pretty silly now that they know she’s been gallivanting around the streets of the DC area right under their noses for like three years now and no one’s been the wiser.

First Lady Sneaks Out ‘As Much As Possible’ [NYT]

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