​Miranda Kerr's Debut Single Is Predictably Awful


Miranda Kerr’s long-awaited music debut is here, it’s not exactly what you would call bearable. The song, “You’re the Boss” is not only a duet with Aussie stage actor Bobby Fox but also a cover of a song popularized by Elvis Presley and Ann-Margaret (though the LaVerne Baker/Jimmy Ricks version is best). So right off the bat, there are some large shoes to fill.

Kerr…well, she tried didn’t she? Despite her effort and her well-placed insistence that this is not exactly her wheelhouse nor a real career move, there aren’t enough caveats in the world that might save this song, or our ears. The choice itself is awkward (don’t most people wait until the fourth album before going Bublé?); her voice is reminiscent of a sophomore choir girl auditioning for the high school musical. And her lack of experience and confidence manages to seep through—you can practically hear her in the studio counting the beats.

As much as I want to cheer this lady on for trying something new and doing something out of her comfort zone and having fun and whatnot, she kind of just blew it on this one. On the bright side, she did remind us just how good the original is.

Image via AP.

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