Miss Universe Evening Gowns, For The Classy Crotch Shot


Risqué. Sexy. Fits like a glove! Look at that leg! These were the phrases used to describe the Miss Universe Pageant finalists during the evening gown portion of last night’s competition. Among them, a dress so sheer it took a lot of pleading in order for it to be approved for competition by pageant officials.

This is not to say that any of these dresses weren’t pretty — or that the women wearing said dresses weren’t wearing the shit out of them. We’re not passing judgement here, but for the viewer, this entire segment is reduced to a game of anticipating whether or not the camera is going to flash the contestant’s lady bits. Actually, that was probably the producers’ intent.

Take, for example, Miss Angola’s Leila Lopes, who eventually won the crown. Her evening gown (left) has a slit in the dress so high that we’re pretty sure her ladyflower was completely exposed for the entire audience to see. Do skimpier dresses translate into better scores from judges, or better ratings for NBC? Or both?

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