More Sexy, Adorable Footage of Tom Hiddleston From The Pirate Fairy


Here is more behind-the-scenes footage of handsomely-gened Tom Hiddleston from The Pirate Fairy and while it’s not quite “full Loki” on the Hiddles Sexy Scale, it’s good. It’s quite good.

Look how freaking happy he is, too. This man is always happy. There is literally not anything you could ask him to do where he wouldn’t respond by smiling and laughing hysterically. If you asked him “Tom, do you mind de-worming this angry, rabid stray cat for me?” he would probably leap up, smiling a great big smile, grab some rubber gloves and sing an old show tune while he was doing it. Of course, that’s not what I would ask him to do. What I would ask him to do for me involves several words and phrases I’m legally prevented from writing on a public website that doesn’t have an “Adults Only” warning on it.

Hard to keep in mind this is for a children’s cartoon. Seriously. Don’t let your kids read what women like me write about Tom Hiddleston in this movie, OK? They’re probably going to be doing a lot of Googling to find out more about this new Tinkerbell movie and you need to keep an eye on that. Unless you want to have to answer questions like “Mommy, why did that lady’s panties fly out of the window?” Not telling you how to parent. Just sayin’.

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