Movieline Critic Really Does Not Like The Roommate


Sometimes, all it takes to pass a class is to show up and turn in all of the work. An A takes a exceptional amount of effort, as does an F. It appears that The Roommate went above and beyond.

A few choice excerpts from the Movieline review, which awards the teen scream Single White Female for the texting generation 0.5. Out of a possible 10.

It’s the kind of live-action sub-mediocrity that usually comes with 3-D glasses. And the only fear this movie will inspire is when you realize the goggles being passed out at the ticket counter are for the far luckier patrons of Sanctum.


In the theater where I saw it, the tedium was broken only by the sound of Angry Birds being played on iPhones.


…it makes the second rate One Tree Hill seems like it was about something.

Ooh. Burn.

My morbid curiosity may just get the best of me, but in the meantime, I always have Ten Inch Hero, to this day, one of the most delightfully terrible films I’ve ever seen.

Review: America Seriously Needs To Evict The Roommate [Movieline]

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