Multitasker Jane Fonda Can Accept Awards and Get Arrested at the Same Time

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Multitasker Jane Fonda Can Accept Awards and Get Arrested at the Same Time
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Jane Fonda is good at many things, including but not limited to: acting, aerobics, protesting, making a subset of Boomers apoplectic at the mention of her name for nearly 50 years, looking fucking great, and getting arrested. But did you know that she can do many of these things simultaneously?

On October 25, Jane Fonda was arrested for the third time in three weeks for “unlawfully demonstrating” at an ongoing climate change protest in Washington D.C. alongside a second beloved actor, Ted Danson. In order to attend the protest, Fonda had to skip the Bafta Los Angles awards where she was set to receive the Stanley Kubric Award for excellence in film. So as police were leading her away, Fonda shouted, “Bafta, thank you. I’m very honored.” Footage of the arrest was shown in her stead at the ceremony. [The Guardian, Variety]

If you thought these arrests could not get any more charming, reader, then you thought wrong. Because a third beloved actor, Danson’s wife Mary Steenburgen, is also a part of this story. On Friday, Steenburgen posted an encouraging note to Instagram as a show of pride in her “jailbird” husband:

“I am proud and inspired by you always, Ted,” the post reads. “You have fought since you were young for the health of this planet. I look up to you, to the inspired young people and to our friend, @janefonda and I cannot wait to be able to be there to stand with you all. In the meantime, love to you, my first time jailbird. I hope you remembered to pack that Kind bar like I suggested.”

Will update with developments on the Kind bar situation.

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