Nancy Grace Is Selling Handcuff Jewelry…to Benefit Abused Children?


Just when you thought Nancy Grace couldn’t possibly be any more of a parody of herself, it turns out that she just debuted a line of signature handcuff bracelets, which she’ll sell alongside her signature handcuff necklaces. Some vague percentage of the proceeds will benefit “child victims of abuse and neglect.”

File under: “staggeringly inappropriate.” While you’re at it, file a duplicate copy under “it’s Nancy Grace so who’s even surprised, really?”

See, UpRoxx reports that Nancy Grace has an online store, and on that store she sells an assortment of fine gifts for the Arias-obsessed in your life. And now—just in time for Mother’s Day!—she has added the bracelet to her wares. You can purchase the incarceration-themed jewelry as a set, for a mere $65.00. Act now!

Say, “I love you mom!” with this Nancy Grace Signature Handcuff Necklace and bracelet set!

A Must Have for Fellow Crime Fighters & Nancy Grace Fans. This necklace makes a statement!

They’re engraved with Nancy Grace’s signature and everything.

“I dunno,” you’re saying. “That seems kind of steep!” What if I told you it was for the children? “A significant portion of the proceeds from the sale of this necklace goes to Victims’ Rights Charities,” the listing is careful to note. The segment where Grace introduced the bracelet (the necklace she’s been selling for some time) is even more detailed: “All the proceeds of course going to a home for abused children.”

Because fucking handcuff jewelry is a great way to raise money for abused children. Sure. Smart. Good thinking!

On the bright side, if you’re looking something to give your submissive for his birthday, congrats—your search is over.

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