Naomi Campbell Gives Oprah A Tour Of Her Closet


What’s Naomi going to talk about on Oprah today? Apparently, her closet, her love of ballet, and her habit of throwing phones at the little people in her life. Oh, and the small matter of that blood diamond.

But first, the closet! This one is in Moscow, of course. As she rifles through a shelf laden with jeans, she says, “Oh, jeans. You should always have jeans.” (That love of denim has gotten her in trouble in the past.)

Back to that blood diamond — she denies any wrongdoing. Mia Farrow said recently that the supermodel told her she received a large blood diamond from warlord Charles Taylor‘s men after a dinner in 1997; Taylor is currently on trial for war crimes in the Hague, and prosecutors are trying to establish the former Liberian president’s links to the diamond trade in order to show that he used conflict diamonds to finance a Sierra Leone rebel group. Farrow’s account was not entered into evidence in court, because it was ruled to be hearsay. Campbell has allegedly refused to testify, and when ABC brought up the allegations during a pre-arranged interview, the supermodel refused to be drawn on the question of whether or not she took a diamond from Charles Taylor. Then she got up to leave, and for good measure, pushed the camera that had been filming her.

“There definitely is sound effect [added],” she tells Oprah. Campbell also says the camera “came in her way.” (You can judge for yourself on the video.)

Campbell says she and the other guests, who were at Nelson Mandela‘s home for a charity dinner, weren’t sure what Taylor was doing there. “He wasn’t invited, and none of us knew who he was. He wasn’t part of our group,” she says. “But he did show up and we understood who he was after it was explained.” If she says anything more about the diamond on the show, it’s not clear from this write-up. As for the rest, it seems like it’s Oprah’s typical self-improvement pabulum, leavened with some scenes from a Russian bathhouse and a trip to the Bolshoi theater, where Naomi turns a clumsy pirouette on the stage.

“Are you just a petulant diva, and if you don’t get things your own way you feel you have the right to throw things?” asks Oprah.

“I think it comes from a deeper place than that with me. It comes from another type of emotional disorder, because it’s not just, ‘I don’t get what I want. I throw,'” says Campbell. “It comes from, I think, an abandonment issue, and it comes from also just trying to build up a family around me that’s not my immediate family. And if I feel a mistrust, then I really just…all my cards go down.”

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