Nation Afflicted By Bland Maxipads


Do you ever look at your maxipad (should you use them) and think, if only this were a little more… Poptimistic?

If only the Sex And The City (and Sex And The City: 2) costume designer got her hands on this wad of cotton.

Or, best of all, if only I could personalize this pad before I stain it with menstrual blood and partly discard it. That would truly be “empowering.”

Ladies, Kotex has heard your silent, bloodied pleas.

And so has Patricia Field, who, according to a marketing person quoted by AdAge, “sees the importance of activating young women to be part of societal change.” What societal change is that? “We’ve had women tell us, ‘It’s such an intimate part of my personal-care routine and I’ve had to settle for this institutional experience.'” Beyond the design contest, Kotex will offer BoHo, Poptimistic, Freestyle and Punk Glam, and Field-designed specials this summer.

Be the change you want to see in the world, someone (JFK?) once said. And change starts at home. Right under your cooch.

Kotex Brings Style to Feminine Care With Pad-Design Contest [AdAge]
Ban The Bland Design Contest [UByKotex]

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