Nazi Women Were Experts on Husband Finding, Baby Having, and Murder


Not to Godwin myself in the first sentence of my first post of the day, but here goes: if you think education is wasted on girls because what they should be learning is about lady skills like man-pleasing and baby-rearing, then congratulations! You and Hitler agree on how society should treat women.

According to a new book called ‘Hitler’s Furies’ written by Wendy Lower, Nazi ladies were groomed to be ruddy cheeked Jew-hating babymaking machines. They were discouraged from wearing makeup, because Hitler thought it was better if women’s cheeks were flushed with the glow of exercise or pregnancy (note: what woman looks pleasant after vigorous exercise? After a run, I look like Satan’s butt.) And any school subject that didn’t pertain directly to finding an Aryan husband and making Aryan babies was frowned upon. From the New York Times review of the book,

“German schoolgirls were not taught subjects such as Latin, since knowledge of this kind was not necessary for future mothers,” Wendy Lower writes in her disquieting new book, “Hitler’s Furies: German Women in the Nazi Killing Fields.” Instead, girls “were given pamphlets with advice on how to pick a husband: the first question to ask a prospective mate was, ‘What is your racial background?’ ”

Up to this point, being a Nazi schoolgirl sounds a lot like belonging to a sorority at the University of Alabama. But Nazi women weren’t just pleasant homebound sex pets; according to Lower’s book. They were evil, crazy fucks.

Lowe argues that while conventional wisdom states that Nazi atrocities were largely committed by a small, active group of psychos, the reality is that a large number of women were complicit in what happened on “the killing fields” in the East. Some watched and encouraged violence, others committed acts of violence themselves. And because German nationalism was largely a youth-heavy movement, Nazi women were often violent as a way to show off to the men. I’m not like those other Nazi girls, I’m a cool Nazi.

After the war ended, most of “Hitler’s furies” quietly slipped back into civilian life without any punishment, according to Lowe. Many of them never talked about what happened, about what they did, about what they encouraged.

Humans are terrible.


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