Need A Hug? Lululemon Can Help You With That (For A Price)


The cooler seasons are finally upon us, and, as such, physical affection is—for those of us who enjoy it—no longer a sweaty, odorous affair. But wait, what’s that you say? You don’t have someone to hug? Never fear: Lululemon’s new Hugged Sensation line will heal that gaping emotional maw with the powers of elite activewear.

As The Cut reports, Lululemon has launched a “Sensation Innovation” collection “which aims to offer a variety of fits depending on customers’ preferences.” “Hugged” is just one of the five potential fits; you can also select from “Tight” and “Held-In,” as well as the more appealingly-named “Relaxed” and “Naked.”

Lululemon’s website advertises Hugged Sensation activewear as “[engineered]…to feel like a warm embrace from a close friend.” Observe the accompanying image – the model’s leotard has clearly soothed her with the balm of emotional sustenance:

Aww. That’s nice.

But the Hugged line won’t just fortify you with a dose of the warm and fuzzies. The activewear will also, the website promises, “keep you feeling poised and balanced throughout your workout (and let’s be real, your day).”

This is big, friends — after all, consider the possibilities! Soon we can all fire our therapists and rely on artificially tender yoga gear instead! Just start saving those Benjamins, because Lululemon’s love costs a pretty penny.

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