Netflix Isn't Opposed to a Set It Up Sequel, and Frankly, Neither Am I


In a satisfying turn of events, Netflix seems to be following my colleague Kelly Faircloth’s advice and exploring the idea of creating a followup to their runaway romcom hit, Set It Up. If you don’t know, Set It Up follows the lives of two high-strung assistants, played by Zoe Deutch and Glen Powell, who hatch a plan to set up (get it??) their high-powered bosses and make them fall in love, all in the hope that their own lives will become easier. It’s been hailed as the revival of the romcom—a smart, legitimately fun-to-watch movie about falling in lurve and all its pitfalls.

According to Variety, Matt Brodie, the Netflix head of original film, addressed the question of a Set It Up sequel with a lot of C-level mumbo-jumbo, but if my jargon translating skills are as good as I think they (I think they are pretty good), then we can expect more feel-good romcoms from Netflix in the future:

Matt Brodlie, director of original film at Netflix, said a sequel is something the streamer is considering. “It’s not necessarily a one-weekend, two-weekend thing, it’s a much longer-term prospect. We’ll see how it does over the next little bit, but it continues to grow, which is cool that it can do on our platform.”
Brodlie said the movie has been successful all over the world, and that Netflix is pushing into the rom-com space.

Go forth and push into that dang space, Netflix. Make really good romcoms the thing that helps us all forget about reboot culture, please.

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