New Clip from The Canyons Features Lots of Dial Tones, Pacing, and Lindsay Lohan’s Cryface


This clip, which ends with aspiring pornstar-waxing-actor James Deen physically menacing Canyons co-star Lindsay Lohan, would be super-intense and dramatic if it didn’t suffer from two really damning flaws: an overabudance of Lindsay Lohan’s cryface and too much emoting from James Deen. From this short clip, we can see that James Deen is a great sleep-actor — maybe the best of his generation. If only he’d just stayed asleep, this scene would be perfect if not for Lindz’s aimless plodding around an ultra-modern California dream palace. Oh, and here’s a semi-serious question to mull over: who still has a LAND line? This movie is already stretching the boundaries of of reality.

via NY Times

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