New Jersey Jagoff Running For President


New Jersey Gov. and potty-mouth Chris Christie will officially announce his presidential campaign on Tuesday, June 30, so start finalizing your Sopranos-and-garbage-based joke packets now.

Not much is known about the announcement except that it will happen in Livingston, the town where Christie was raised to be a good, snacks-loving Republican-cum-bridge troll.

From NBC News:

Christie made the decision personally to launch his presidential campaign from his New Jersey hometown. He was a baseball player for the Livingston Lancers, class president and a member of the graduating class of 1980.

Still, Christie’s pre-campaign work has not done so well. A recent poll found that only 30 percent of registered voters in New Jersey approve of Christie’s recent job performance, while another NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found that nationwide, 55 percent of GOP primary voters said they couldn’t see themselves voting for him.

At least Christie has gotten to have the experience of being President, even if it was of a suburban Jersey public high school.

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