New Movie From Hereditary Director To Be a 'Wizard of Oz for Perverts'  


I do not pretend to be a clever person, and most of my choices are poor ones, but watching Hereditary alone in my apartment at midnight remains among the poorest. That being said, I am so ready for writer-director Ari Aster’s next movie, Midsommar, which looks like Coachella meets The Wicker Man.

Aster describes the the vibe of Midsommar as “Scandinavian folk horror” to Vulture and says the film, starring Florence Pugh and Will Poulter, centers on a “pagan cult.” Scary Scandinavian shit and cults are basically my only interests, and the trailer for the film also features creepy bells, sinister flower crowns, and crude drawings of people on fire, so everything I’m looking for in a movie or a music festival.

But Aster warns (assures?) that Midsommar isn’t going to be as sleep with the lights on/what the fuck did my eyes just register scary as Hereditary. Instead, it will be a gentler sort of frightening, or as Aster says “It’s a Wizard of Oz for perverts.” If that’s not the tagline for the film, the marketing team should be fired.

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