New Trojan Ads for Condoms and Sex Toys Are Unexpectedly Sweet


A batch of new Trojan ads are playful and unexpectedly emotional — in a a good way. When was the last time you saw a condom ad and though, awww, sweet?

The first spot, “big date,” is interesting for a few reasons: It’s a twist on the expected father-gives-sex-advice-to son narrative; it features a mature silver fox as the protagonist and not a young twenty-something; and it’s kind of heartwarming! Basically, the dad is going out on a date. His daughter fluffs his hair; his son walks him to the car, gives him a condom, and says “don’t be out too late.” Not in a cock-blocky way — just a little gentle ribbing. (TROJAN STYLE, HEY-YO!)

In another ad, a kid says to his mom, “I miss daddy.” Well, it turns out that daddy’s not dead, he’s just away on a trip. And he’s left a vibrating sex toy behind for mommy.

The last ad in the batch — the only one of the series set with a couple in bed — is basically like, hey, married sex can be fun. Especially if you’ve got lube.

As AdWeek points out, these are not embarrassing, snickery, hide-the-kids commercials. You don’t even hear the word “sex” or “condom.”

Indeed, this campaign is more mellow than naughty, so much so that TV networks will air the ads earlier in the evening than they have in the past, according to Dave Clemans, Colangelo’s executive creative director.

So don’t be surprised if you see one of these during primetime.

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