Nicki Minaj, Go Touch Grass Challenge

Megan Thee Stallion might’ve hissed on her new single but Nicki Minaj very much appears to have...kissed her good sense goodbye in the wake of its release.

Nicki Minaj, Go Touch Grass Challenge
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By now, it’s a basic fact that it doesn’t take much to upset Nicki Minaj. What became markedly clearer over the weekend, however, is that her name needn’t even be mentioned for her to go worryingly ballistic on the internet.

On Monday, the rapper released what appears to be her response to Megan Thee Stallion’s first single of 2024, “Hiss”—a supposed diss track of her former collaborator though it never actually mentions Minaj at all. The track, “Big Foot,” refers to Stallion as a “little beggin’ whore” and accuses her of lying about having liposuction, getting intimately involved with a friend’s boyfriend, and…being shot by Tory Lanez. Not only is “Big Foot” cruel (especially as it repeatedly invokes her deceased mother), but it’s bad to a befuddling degree. Truly, the bars read like an AI word salad. And don’t even get me started on that ominous outro…

Now, in case you’ve been offline since Friday, it was but a single line that incited Minaj’s track (in addition to a three-day online spiral): “These hoes don’t be mad at Megan, these hoes mad at Megan’s Law.” The reference to a federal statute that requires law enforcement authorities to make registered sex offenders public information, one can easily glean, is a jab at Minaj’s husband and registered sex offender, Kenneth Petty. Nearly three decades after he spent four years in prison for the first-degree attempted rape of a 16-year-old girl, Petty received one year of home confinement, three years probation, and a $55,000 fine for failing to register as a sex offender when he and Minaj moved to California.

Immediately after “Hiss” dropped, Minaj began ranting and raving on multiple social media platforms—first on a near-unintelligible Instagram Live, then on Twitter where the rapper proceeded to tweet, retweet, and favorite several vile and defamatory sentiments about Stallion all weekend long. As to be expected, her legions of loyal “Barbz” gleefully joined in and reportedly attempted to dox supporters of Stallion—including Bela Delgado, an autistic TikTok creator, who posted a since-deleted video decrying Minaj’s behavior.

“Nicki Minaj fans are attempting to dox me, messaging family members as well as people who aren’t members of my family, sending them shit—apparently they got somebody’s address,” he explained in a video. “I am sorry. I’m so sorry that I disrespected Nicki Minaj. I saw a lot of other people doing it; I thought I’d add my two cents.”

Minaj’s online antics didn’t stop at inciting hate for Stallion, though. She also thought it wise to pledge allegiance to Ben Shapiro—as in, the conservative commentator and noted stranger to wet pussy.

“I just listened to it @benshapiro not bad,” Minaj tweeted, apparently lauding “Facts,” his new “anti-woke” anthem. “Congrats on #1. But it def sounds like Roman’s Revenge when the beat first came in…idk,” she continued. Very little can be more foul than the wife of a sexual predator gleefully mocking a woman who was shot (or, rapping about the death of her mother) but publicly congratulating the dork trying to rhyme “woke Karens” with “your parents”? Frankly, that’s as mortifying as her cousin’s friend’s testicles.

While it’s largely seemed that Minaj’s music is uncancellable, some fans have conceded she’s gone too far this time. Even “Now Nicki” began trending shortly after “Big Foot” was released. She, however, hasn’t seemed to log off and has only continued posting…

As for Stallion, she hasn’t said a word. And frankly, she needn’t bother. If Minaj is talented at anything, it’s telling on herself. I would suggest she get some fresh air soon, though.

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