Noooooo: Modern Farmer Magazine Is No More [Update: or Not?]


Modern Farmer is officially shutting down. Noooooo…

Since its spring 2013 launch, the magazine’s edit staff has gradually dwindled down and now it’s unclear whether the once quarterly publication will even continue online. The magazine’s founder Ann Marie Gardner left her post in December 2014. Mashable reports:

Few magazines have built more goodwill and positive vibes than Modern Farmer had in fewer than two years of publication.

Yep, true…

But it’s over for the darling of the print world.

Sad, ’cause I read it all the time.

Modern Farmer has stopped publication and let go of its entire editorial team, according to a report from the New York Times.

Well, that’s actually sad… The Times further describes Modern Farmer as the source for “people who want a little more back story to their food” and that it “was somewhere between the investigative advocacy of a publication like Mother Jones and the chef-driven gloss of Bon Appétit.” It routinely pulled stunts like this that I wish I’d known about and would’ve watched:

The brand had a surprise national hit with a live animal camera that allowed viewers to watch the antics of Nigerian dwarf goats on a farm in Minnesota.

Journalist David Sax says:

“There is this sense of ridiculousness around it because it is so heavily stylized, but in another way it was trying to be a mouthpiece for this generation of farmers that wants to reconcile these two worlds.”

Pour a little liquor out for Modern Farmer.

UPDATE: Hold that liquor… The New York Times has changed its headline from “Modern Farmer Ceases Publication” to “Modern Farmer’s Future In Doubt.” According to them, there will be a summer issue.

Image via Modern Farmer

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