Oh, Great: Fit Mom Is Back and Talking About Being Bulimic


The Daily Mail, that bastion of informative news and arbiter of good taste, interviewed “Fit Mom” Maria Kang about her “chunky” past and battle with bulimia. This should be fun.

Kang tells the paper that her body issues started early on.

Often she would compare herself to her taller, leaner sisters or supermodels in magazines.
‘I was always heavier . . . I was chunky. ‘ she said.

Her mother was overweight and dealing with diabetes, which made Kang even more aware of her own weight.

I used disordered eating to fill an empty void. It was worse when I was feeling anxious. People often call bulimia the “good girl drug” because we don’t do drugs or drink alcohol we just abuse food.

It’s unclear how Kang dealt with her eating disorder. There’s nothing in the “interview” about therapy or nutritionists or doctors. Instead, the piece reads as though Kang cured herself with positive thinking. And fetuses. (And at some point she got a nose job? Maybe?)

In the end it was Ms Kang who made the conscious decision to start ‘loving’ herself. Determined to get physically fit and healthy, she started practicing mindful eating.
However, the real turning point came when she met her husband, David Casler, in 2007 and fell pregnant with her first son two years later.
‘I had to let go of being perfect,’ she said. ‘When I became pregnant with my first child I was like “Wow this is what my body is really made for.”‘

Hmm. Okay. Anyway. Kang gushes about exercise…

I think fitness always makes me happier it makes you feel like you can control so many things in your life. It’s the ability to be set a goal, take action, remain consistent and create a result. that process takes a lot of discipline.

…And talks about what she eats. But she still has some delusional ideas about what her “message” is. Because even though she got “annoyed” by news stories encouraging overweight people to be proud of their bodies and told haters “it’s all in your head,” Kang honestly believes she’s not a fat-shamer but pro-health:

My issue is that people are often push body image before health. Right now, I’m talking about health.

Oh, good! Great. This, coming from a woman who believes she can “just tell” if you’re unhealthy, without giving you a full medical exam. Cool.

Images via Maria Kang’s Facebook page.

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